Our mission, vision and the values that guide VSE Corporation

VSE Corporation’s core mission is to deliver trusted solutions to inspire the performance of tomorrow by serving all of our stakeholders – our employees, communities, customers, suppliers, industry partners, and valued shareholders.

Today, through our two operating segments, VSE is stronger than ever. Every day, the VSE teams develop solutions to solve problems for our more than 6,000 customers around the world.


VSE Aviation was recently awarded 6 new distribution agreements value of approximately $750 million.

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We prioritize ESG considerations in our decision-making and operations

At VSE Corporation, we recognize our duty to prioritize sustainability and uphold ethical business practices. We view ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors as essential to our long-term success and the advancement of our industry. Committed to transparency and accountability, we’ve integrated ESG considerations into our business strategy and operations. We take pride in the strides we’ve made in addressing these important issues.

VSE Culture and Values: Together, as Ourselves, We are More

VSE Corporation’s core values serve as the guiding principles that shape our business and employee culture. Centered on open dialogue, teamwork, accountability, and achievement, these values offer our stakeholders a roadmap for cultivating a thriving culture and building a sustainable business.

We foster an inclusive company-wide culture that’s deeply ingrained in our organizational framework. The VSE team actively promotes employee well-being through initiatives like our Total Rewards Strategy, Inclusion & Diversity Roundtables, Employee Resource Groups, Work Recognition programs, and more.


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At VSE Corporation, we consider our employees our most valuable asset. We’ve cultivated an inclusive, transparent, and equal-opportunity work environment, offering our team members opportunities for career development. Discover more about VSE Careers and find out how you can contribute to “Inspiring the Performance of Tomorrow.”