We acknowledge that our operations impact the environment, and we are dedicated to reducing negative effects while making positive contributions in these areas

We are implementing sustainable practices across our operations, including reducing waste and conserving energy at our VSE facilities

Both our maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations and our parts distribution services promote environmental sustainability by extending the lifespan of parts and components and reintroducing them to the market.

Continuing our commitment to understanding our sustainability impacts, we actively seek ways to minimize our carbon footprint. We also collaborate with industry partners, jointly prioritizing environmental responsibility.


We assess our environmental footprint across all business segments and collaborate with partners to develop strategies for managing our environmental impacts

VSE promotes environmental sustainability through our MRO services for vehicles and aircraft components and accessories. Our network of MRO service providers extends the useful life of parts and components by restoring them to a functional state and reintroducing them to the market.

Aviation Initiatives


Repaired, restored, and redeployed ~126,000 pounds of aircraft parts.


Sourced ~70% of all boxes and shipping packaging as biodegradable material at the  Independence, KS facility.


Partnered with Southwest Airlines to support Boeing 737NG teardowns and retirements, recycling 3,600 pounds of metal from each aircraft.

Fleet Initiatives


Returned  ~800,000 pounds of used parts from customers to be recycled.


Recycled ~3.4 tons of cardboard boxes and utilized recyclable packing materials.


Primary Distributor for Conserver Green Oil System (“Next Gen”) Oil Conserver System, which reduces hazardous oil waste by 75%.


VSE's Facility Level Environmental Initiatives

In recent years, we have intensified our efforts to enhance the efficiency of our energy and water usage, as well as address other climate-related factors in our operations. We continue to identify and assess opportunities to foster a cleaner, safer workplace and embrace sustainable practices to minimize our environmental footprint.

Alexandria, VA (Global Headquarters)

Maintained LEED Gold certified status

Installed electric vehicle charging stations

Miramar, FL (Aviation)

Doral, FL (Aviation)

Somerset, PA (Fleet)

Olive Branch, MS (Fleet)


VSE Releases an annual Environmental Social and Governance Annual report highlighting our ongoing ESG Initiatives.
To view the latest report, visit the link below.