Clean Energy Expertise

Our Story

Transforming Ideas into Impacts

We help our clients solve global challenges in energy, climate, and security. Energetics is a full-service technology and management consulting firm serving public- and private-sector clients. For 40 years, we have helped our clients develop and manage effective research, development, and information programs in the fields of energy, manufacturing, climate and environment, infrastructure protection, security and resilience, and metrology.

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Our Latest Projects

Energy is our passion. From electrification of vehicles to energy efficiency and renewables, we are immersed in the latest energy trends, analytics, and technologies. Our work helps to support a reliable, diverse and green energy infrastructure and climate resilience.

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ENERGY is our Focus

Our success lies in our ability to understand and align technology, market, and policy requirements with strategic objectives and to effectively communicate complex issues to enable informed decisions. We apply experience and insight to plan, analyze, and implement innovative approaches that help clients succeed. We are Researchers, Thought Leaders, Un-biased Experts, Futurists. We are ENERGY.

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