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Reactivation & Transfer PhotoSupporting US and allied militaries in 40 countries on six continents, VSE is one of the nation's leading providers of cradle-to-grave Foreign Military Sales support.

VSE provides turn-key support for the sale and transfer of military systems and equipment to foreign military sales (FMS) clients around the globe. VSE supports reactivation of military systems that were removed from service, providing design, configuration management, field engineering, maintenance and repair planning and execution, logistics and spare parts support, and training to bring systems back to full operational capacity for transfer to FMS clients.

VSE’s FMS transfer programs feature well-organized and experienced transfer teams to assist customer countries with highly complex transfer evolutions. VSE’s solutions begin with advanced planning actions that take place long before the transfer and extend through transiting the systems to the client. VSE supports all transfer activities including export licensing, international customs documents, environmental and hazardous export control, and transit support/shipment of the systems.


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